April 17, 2020

Norton Setup

Norton.com/setup | Install Norton with Product Key | www.Norton.com/Setup

Norton Setup :- As we all know that the threat of internet is increasing day by day. Several types of infections such as: – Malware, viruses, adware, spyware, rootkits, ransomware, etc. are created by attackers to damage computers, data and personal information. To keep computers and personal data safe, every user must have an antivirus program installed on their computer, which can help with this.

Norton is a one of the best Antivirus program that have comprehensive power to identify the problem and fix it. User can get it online by visiting URL: Norton.com/setup.


Easy Steps to find Norton Product Key?

User can find Norton Product Key in two different sources, that will be depend on their purchase :


Condition 1 :- Purchased Online

Those User who don’t have enough time to go to the store and purchase a product. They usually go for online order. In case of online purchase user will get an email onto their email address which they have provided at the time of purchase. That email contain the Norton Product key with the recipt of the purchase. In order to download, user need to activate the key online with Norton Account.


Condition 2 :- Purchased Offline / Retail Store

Those User who don’t aware about the online purchase, they usually go to the store to get the product. In this case they will get a Norton Retail card..which contain the information about the purchase and product key. User can find the product key onto the backside of the retail card.


Norton Retail card

Easy Steps to Activate Norton Antivirus?

Follow the instructions below in order to Activate Norton antivirus on your device:

  • Open Web-Browser & Visit URL :- www.Norton.com/setup
  • Click on Enter Product Key and Login with Norton Account
  • Enter 25 Digits Alpha Numeric Key and Tap on ” Right Arrow >>”
  • After complete the steps key will be activate with Norton Account.


Easy Steps to Download Norton Antivirus?

Follow the instructions below in order to Download Norton Antivirus on your device:

  • Open Web-Browser & Visit URL :- Norton.com/setup
  • Sign-In With Norton Account & visit my Product Page
  • Choose Your Product And Click on Download
  • You will get option to choose where to download
    • Install on This Device
    • Install on Another Device
  • Click on Install now to download the setup file.


Easy Steps to Install Norton Antivirus?

Follow the instructions below in order to Install Norton Antivirus on your device:

  1. Run the setup file which is downloaded
  2. Allow the User Agreement by click on Yes
  3. Click on Install Now button to continue the process
  4. After complete the process, it will scan your computer.
  5. Also It will take virus definition updates for your computer.